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1. Theme-1 Qualification _ Disqualification View
2. Theme-2 Nomination Process View
3. Theme-3 Scrutiny of Nominations View
4. Theme-4 Withdrawal of Candidature View
5. Theme-5 Allotment of Symbols View
6. Theme-6 Polling Party _ Poll Day Arrangements View
7. Theme-7 Polling Stations View
8. Theme-8A Ballot paper View
9. Theme-8B Postal Ballot View
10. Theme-8C ETPBS View
11. Theme-9 Electoral Roll View
12. Theme-10 EVM VVPAT View
13. Theme-11 Counting _ Declaration of Results View
14. Theme-12 DEMP and Constituency Plan View
15. Theme-13 Vulnerability mapping View
16. Theme-14 Model Code of Conduct View
17. Theme-15 Election Expenditure Monitoring View
18. Theme-16 Media - MCMC and Paid News View
19. Theme-17 Social media - fake news and hate speech View
20. Theme-19 ERONet2.0 View
21. Theme-20 SVEEP View
22. Theme-21 IT Applications View
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Nodal Officer: Sh. M.M.Tiwari, Jt. Chief Electoral Officer (IT)
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